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If You’re Not Happy Today

There was a local grocery store cashier who was well known for the many buttons displayed on her work apron. Amongst the various slogans was one that read, “If you’re not happy today, what day are you waiting for?”

In Wayne Dyer’s early work he spoke about what he called “futurizing.” Suggesting that many of us are waiting to be happy based on “when” something might happen in the future, versus being happy today.

Chances are you’ve done this before. At some point in your life you’ve probably said, “I’ll be happy when__________.” It’s not unusual, but it’s based on two presumptions – that happiness is dependent on a future event, and that there actually is a future.

Dyer has also taught that, “The future is guaranteed to no one.” He’s right. There isn’t anyone who has that guarantee. Although we all must plan for things; when you are living “when,” you are not living now, which is all you really have.

Many people live for the future, but we know it might not arrive. So it’s best to get busy with living for today, and looking for happiness in the moment.

If you aren’t happy today, what day are you waiting for?